This is my new home page

Since my old “home page” was from the 1990s and looked it, I’ve decided to just host my home page here, where it can enjoy some styling and markup and not look so much like it’s from the 1990s.

You can find most of the content from my home page at the page, “Malcolm’s Projects and Resources”. These are links to and explanations of major bodies of my work and things you can find out about me, further.

You can see my latest activity primarily either on this blog or on my Patreon page (patrons get access to one or two patron-only posts per month in addition to public posts and commentary there).

Do let me know if you think something’s missing or if you think I could provide more/better, or even less information.

(Note: The featured image for this page – largely on the home page is where you’ll see it, comes from Dragon School.)