Dragon School

I noticed Dragon School when they came to Oakland Chinatown in 2015, and since then I’ve greeted their new street art projects on Oakland Chinatown blank walls and storefronts, on gates and phone booths in the area with glee and excitement. They do good work, they do art projects that are paint by numbers for community to get involved in, and they encourage artists and non-artists alike to participate, and then sometimes they add finishing touches to the paint by numbers. It’s very neat, and the results are lovely, and I love seeing them grace our walls in Oakland and the East Bay.

When I asked, Chris, the Program Coordinator, graciously allowed me to use their art on my site, so here’s the main page and gallery of the art I took from their website. If I manage to take photos that I can later find of these art pieces in the wild, I’ll post those to this or a related page or gallery.

I may take art from these photos (or my photos of their art from Chinatown) and fold them into the site itself. I haven’t decided. But I control and produce so little art of my own. It’s so nice that they were cool with sharing theirs.

Click the image below to open the gallery of their art from their website:

If I take any pictures myself, I’ll create a related gallery below.