I have very few writing samples still online. Most of the writing I do is either for hire, which means the copyright is owned by my then-employer, or expired/unpublished/deprecated, or simply in a knowledge base in a corporate intranet, so you can’t see it.

But! You can see my writing here on the blog, of course, and you can also see selected samples of my writing in other places, which I do my best to track here.

Pink Advocate:

Feeding the Muse:

One of my favorite writing projects of late, I contributed to this anthology at the invitation of my friend Leona, I developed a full Chinese comfort food menu. These copies that I host on WordPress are excerpts that mostly just contain my writing (but also the foreword, afterword, some credits and acknowledgements). These copies are free for me to use and distribute, per the agreement with Leona and the other writers. They are both proofs (final drafts, almost ready for publication). The second edition made it to proof stage but was never published.