Projects and Resources

Welcome to my blog. You may be interested in these links where you can find my other work, and my comments about them:

  • My Patreon page
    In 2017, I decided to put a shingle out for my work in techno-activism. My aim is to make the startup costs (in time, money, and effort) for activists in Social Justice lower, by collecting and writing about ways to do justice, and putting it out there on the Internet. I want to make writing, snippets, prompts, and other resources easier to compile, link and get access to. I want responses, basically boilerplate, to be available to anyone who needs them. And I want financial help in getting that kind of work out there and available. In addition, and what I’m working on now in the Patreon, is organizing and presenting information about having cancer (leukemia) and going through treatment for same. The idea is to provide information, context, and advice for patients and caregivers in similar circumstances.
  • My Ko-Fi page
    In 2023, I added a Ko-Fi profile since there was a demand for non-Patreon funding options. But it goes to support the same work.
  • My Data Science/Analytics Portfolio
    Since a lot of the work I did in my Data Science/Analytics coursework for the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science isn’t directly shareable due to academic honor-related issues, I’m working, in parallel with seeking a position in Data Analytics, on personal analyses of data, to demonstrate my skills in that regard, and to show my programming and related skills. These are currently hosted on GitLab. In 2022 I’m working on‘s refresher material and noodling around with their data sets and competitions. At some point I may organize resources I find on Twitter to up your Analytics games.
  • My Samples Folder (In support of my Patreon activism-related work)
    Not in the final form I envision, but this Google Docs folder includes quotes I take out of the quips and framing discussions I make on mostly private Facebook posts and comments about social justice, civil rights, and other issues of this day. My vision is to put this stuff in a properly licensed (probably Creative Commons based) form on a Wiki where anyone with Internet access can find and reuse this kind of writing for their own purposes (hopefully good ones) as needed. I will also open the Wiki up to contributions from like-minded folks.
  • My Publishing page
    A page on this site where I track my publishing work.
  • My Podcasting Production Info Wiki
    An example of what I mean by putting information or freely available writing on a Wiki. I created this out of a desire to not only learn about how to do podcasts but also to produce podcasts. So far I’ve interviewed two professional podcasters about their technical setup, as well as production-related issues related to marketing, getting funds, taking donations, and so on. Transcription of the interview notes is still in progress, and I think I need to do some more interviews. I also need to move forward with actually producing podcasts so I can contribute with learned experience. But my hope for this Wiki is that it will help other aspiring producers to make more podcasts and enrich our whole world.
  • My Household Food Wiki
    It’s mostly me, but Jen and I keep notes on food, recipes, recipe development, local restaurants, experiments, research, and other food related activities. We are also using Paprika Recipe Manager 3 (while the database syncs via the cloud, it is unfortunately not shareable) to organize recipes and our pantry, and come up with weekly menus and shopping lists. And also Eat Your Books to organize all of our books and recipes (it turns out, not counting the Food Wiki or blogs, we still have about 23,000 recipes, by Eat Your Books’ reckoning).
  • A Javascript Playground
    I’ve been noodling around with Javascript and Git during downtime between Data Science courses.
  • My GitHub profile
    I have all kinds of complete and incomplete code samples in here, in javascript, PHP, Python, iPython (Jupyter) Notebooks, HTML, CSS, etc. These are for self-training, self-training-in-progress, for volunteer jobs, hacking, utility-writing, exploring and implementing various kinds of coding philsophies, etc. Almost every technical thing that I think I might want to save and that doesn’t contain passwords goes into that bit bucket.
  • My Mastodon profile
    In 2023, I spent a lot of time on Mastodon. There’s less white-supremacy oriented censorship (compared to Facebook), and I’ve been involved there in ongoing educational projects to try to bring admins and moderators on the fediverse up to speed with advocacy in social justice activism, including, but not limited to topics in race, gender, disability, ageism, really anything I’ve got a stake in. I also, when I think of it, put cocktail recipes there, when I do an old or new cocktail recipe (to me) for my weekly cocktail hour with my dear Mom.
  • My Facebook profile
    Part of what we are is our friends and community. Facebook is best at presenting that. If I get political, that’s likely where I will do it. Often I will share many articles and links from different sides of a current issue there. So during Ferguson and Baltimore protests, most of my link shares were about power, racism and privilege in the U.S. and as discussion shifts focus to other current events, I share good reads or interesting perspectives on other related topics to the whole of what I perceive to be current conversation.
  • My Twitter profile
    I left X/Twitter as soon as Elon Musk took over. I predicted the slow and sharp slide into enshittification there.
  • My LinkedIn profile
    I try to keep the LinkedIn Profile up to date.
  • Other social networks.
    I can also be found on Yelp (where I post some reviews), and I do reviews on Angi (where I post some reviews), but can’t really link to a central profile there. I also have some work on, which you have to join to see.