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A new chapter in life, moving on from an almost 8 year job with a staffing company as a systems engineer, release engineer and all-round senior dev ops sort of guy deserves a new blog!

The overall topic of this blog is geekery. Primarily tech, but also my other hobbies as I do them. Recently made also a technical writing geek I can’t help but notice the sheer lack of detailed, case specific geekery in essentially all the areas that I call my own.

My general geekings:

  • Almost all things IT, to some degree, though I’m admittedly not a guru of all things. I’m a functional software and utilities developer but am better at design and architecture. Also multithreading gives me a headache as does real-time, but I can do it if I have to. Lately I’ve been hardware, architecture, engineering, planning, documenting, automating and integrating. All very airy stuff. But I’m good at it because I’m geeky and fascinated and thorough and methodical.
  • Knives and knife sharpening. Lately upped my game to consistently razor. Love to talk about it. Aware it can get boring.
  • Science and philosophy of science. Not your normal SCIENCE! type fanboy, I’m deeply skeptical of skeptic culture. I don’t see it really improving anything but science-propelled bullying. But I have been a scientist in the past and I know how to do analysis and experimental design and am happy to point out a dearth of same.
  • Cooking and brewing and infusing and fermenting. Locavore, foodie, reviewer. I am all in about food and finding and trying new food-related things.
  • Gaming. Board gaming. Video gaming. Role playing. Casual gaming. Anything I’ve got time for.
  • Fandom, some more than others.
  • Social Justice. I’m an activist and I’m opinionated and mouthy. Most of those posts you may find on my personal blog instead, though. Depends. We’ll see. I am looking into developing a project or business that intends to bring newer maker-techs to social and socio-economic minorities, though, so there may be some stuff about it here.
  • Small business. If I do the SJ project and it becomes a business, I will share what papers and design and documentation and prep is/was required to do or to consider while doing that sort of thing. Some may be delayed, because laws. But I’ll share what I can.
  • Really anything that strikes my fancy and I have time for. Like Origami. Or Music. Or Comics. Or Movies. It’s a Potpurri, Alex!

Feel free to ask or suggest.


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