Category: DevOps

  • A grand project – Streaming and Video Hosting – Part 3 – Drilling into DNS

    I want to look into how we do DNS these days. There are a couple of choices – one of the reasons there are choices is that DNS kind of sucks. But it also drives the Internet. I am old enough that I remember, having just missed the era of programming mainframes with punch cards, […]

  • A grand project – Streaming and Video Hosting – Part 1

    Sort of growing out of my impulse to record leukemia patient knowledge for posterity, I started playing PC games and streaming them. My original goal there was just to get used to recording my own video, used to hearing and listening critically to my own voice, figuring out what to talk about when playing games […]

  • Migrating WordPress from one URL to another (with Dreamhost)

    I haven’t seen a comprehensive guide for this so I figured I should probably write it up. A site on my Dreamhost Shared Hosting Server was compromised a few days ago, and even though my security is decent, I figured it was time to switch up the configuration for my 4 WordPress blogs. The goal […]

  • Blowing my own horn a little – Gitlab repositories and demo sites

    Lately while alternating with looking for jobs/work, I’ve been doing programming exercises with The Coding Train, which is a good, approachable YouTube-based general tutorial/set of programming prompts, discussion, demo, and training. It’s a continuation of work I’ve been doing since late 2017.

  • Memory Management

    I don’t mean this to be metaphorical, but maybe 10 or 20 years from now it will be. Computers and computing require memory. The reason is they need to keep quick calculations and values close at hand, because of communication speeds, because we need them to be quick and responsive, particularly for video displays and […]