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  • Notes and remarks on my Wok Hei Lettuce with Chopped Salted Chiles

    Top-down photo of chopped salted chiles into a 1-cup mason jar.

    This is another promotional post about the anthology about recipes and cooking called Feeding the Muse, edited by Leona Wisoker. I’ll get the promotional stuff out of the way under the fold (the 2nd chapter), then go on to the writing about this section of my chapter.

  • On contributing to an anthology about cooking

    This post is both promotional and musing, so to get the promotional stuff out of the way, read more, and I’ll try to stuff it all into the first paragraph.

  • 2017 Thanks Taking

    Two place settings, the centerpiece, a candle, the cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, and the meat plate.

    Let me start with a statement about “Thanksgiving”. We’re supposed to give thanks for all that we have. That’s great, but it elides the genocides, massacres, and wars that US settlers had with the natives of North America before taking possession. It elides the biological warfare. It elides centuries of neglect, abuse, and outright murder […]

  • Measuring and Calibration – Science Geek Series

    A lot of bakers and chefs and chemists will tell you that they’re in the same business. So, in a way, are bartenders and cheese makers and drug dealers and brewers and vintners. Because we all need to measure things a lot and we need both accuracy (the ability to measure amounts¬†reliably) and precision (the […]