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  • A grand project – Streaming and Video Hosting – Part 2 – Design, Planning, and Notes

    Rough network diagram, showing a private network on the left of the router, and a DMZ network on the right, showing a separation of traffic between the two and sharing the Internet connection.

    Having decided on a goal, it’s now time to rough out the approach. Basically, what do I need to do to make this happen? Decide on regular DNS or Dynamic DNS to provide an external DNS hostname so other peers can find my instance. regular DNS Domain: Registered, registrar chosen, domain chosen. DNS A […]

  • On keeping passwords and accounts

    Bronze lock locking a chain across an old wooden door, painted green.

    Lately there have been some high profile password issues. Twitter discovered a log that was logging passwords in cleartext (this is eminently avoidable if you have an internal security team that’s properly empowered to train developers not to do this sort of thing). GitHub too.

  • Upgrading MediaWiki

    Just a note about a day in the life of a geek. This all starts with the fact that I maintain two MediaWiki servers on my hosting plan. One is for my food-related experiments, recipes, and other household cooking and food info. The other is for game-playing. For a look at the cooking and food […]

  • WordPress, Security, Hacking, Recovering from a Hack, and General Discussion

    Sounds like another round of WordPress blog hackings are making the rounds. I had my two WordPress blogs hacked by script 4 or 5 years ago. Here are some things to think about and consider if you own and/or maintain a WordPress blog.