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  • Newly reported White People (ally/accomplice) BUG

    Two blue-toned butterflies close up on a leaf.

    I figure since this is a tech/geek blog, it will be useful to report these issues as bugs and hope that White People (their own developers/support) think to make it a priority to fix. Note this means I don’t have to fix it for ya’ll, just notify you of the problem.

  • Toxic Masculinity, the Real Scoop on What it’s Like to be a Man in it, and Related Thoughts

    Let me start by laying my cards out and saying why I’m writing this. I was assigned male at birth. I was raised a feminist boy in the late 60s, early 70s. I have a strong and assertive mother. I have a minor in Women’s Studies, I’m trans, and non binary (since I was 19). […]

  • Taoism and the Sage

    By sagely, what I mean is that there is an oft forgotten set of ethics that are meant to apply to all Taoists, especially the successful ones. It’s a mix of altruism, governance, manipulation, idealism, and pragmatism, and the idea is that each Taoist follower, each potential sage, is supposed to be doing a lot of long-term thinking and supposed to be able to take advantage of prevailing political, social, and cultural conditions to take custody of and responsibility for their people, their land, their world.