Javascript geeking – p5.js and matter.js

I haven’t done HTML/Javascript geeking in a while, but thought while I’m in downtime between courses for my Data Science studies, I’d noodle around. I’ve been idly watching instructional videos by The Coding Train (Dan Shiffman) on YouTube for a while, but I was intrigued by both p5.js and matter.js (as an aside, there are other physics engines/libraries/frameworks besides matter.js, and Shiffman also has a couple of videos on THAT), as well as his videos on rendering certain kinds of fractals in Javascript (and other languages), so I thought I’d mess about with it. Along the way I also (finally) figured out how to use git to deploy code (in this case, a single developer, and only deploying HTML/Javascript so far, but this could also absolutely work for release management – though there are packaging and deployment techs that would likely be better for real companies to use).

Anyway, here’s a guide to the stuff I’m doing on my site. The whole thing (for your perusal) lives at a root directory: which you can browse with a browser to see what’s there. You can also use the various guide HTML pages (that are VERY rough, just functional – places for text to go).

The main guide page is “directory.html“. From here, you can also find “setup-info.html“, which talks specifically about the git configuration needed to use it for branch deployments to servers.

If you’ve a mind to, you can also explore the repository on GitHub, which gives you a better in-browser view of the javascript, as well as file histories.

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