Getting better at customizing WordPress

WordPress logo

Since last year, I’ve been volunteering on a Taproot Foundation Website grant, and we’ve been setting up WordPress for a nonprofit that got awarded the grant for them to use as a replacement website for their content and publications. I’ve been working as the “lead developer” and my various hard and soft skills (including mentoring and management) have been working very much to my advantage.

So far I’ve reinforced and learned various skills in CSS, Javascript, PHP, Git, and also customizing various premium WordPress items: a premium theme, SearchWP (a PDF-and-other document indexer and core search engine replacement), WPBakery Page Builder (makes page design a bit more intuitive then editing HTML and CSS), and Slider Revolution (which helps design gallery rotators and header image rotators and slide and gallery controls).

It’s all been super cool. Should I just go get a job as a WordPress developer? Is that a thing? Who knows. Anyway, it’s helped me feel good about applying to web development positions. That and the work I’m doing/have done in Python lately with Data Analytics.