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  • A grand project – Streaming and Video Hosting – Part 3 – Drilling into DNS

    I want to look into how we do DNS these days. There are a couple of choices – one of the reasons there are choices is that DNS kind of sucks. But it also drives the Internet. I am old enough that I remember, having just missed the era of programming mainframes with punch cards, […]

  • A grand project – Streaming and Video Hosting – Part 2 – Design, Planning, and Notes

    Rough network diagram, showing a private network on the left of the router, and a DMZ network on the right, showing a separation of traffic between the two and sharing the Internet connection.

    Having decided on a goal, it’s now time to rough out the approach. Basically, what do I need to do to make this happen? Decide on regular DNS or Dynamic DNS to provide an external DNS hostname so other peers can find my instance. regular DNS Domain: Registered, registrar chosen, domain chosen. DNS A […]

  • A grand project – Streaming and Video Hosting – Part 1

    Sort of growing out of my impulse to record leukemia patient knowledge for posterity, I started playing PC games and streaming them. My original goal there was just to get used to recording my own video, used to hearing and listening critically to my own voice, figuring out what to talk about when playing games […]

  • Making a Home WiFi Network faster

    My friend Deb came by yesterday and after some fiddling we got her computer on my wired Ethernet network, which is pretty fast (150 Mbps to the Internet), and 15 times faster than her computer’s usual 10 Mbps WiFi connection. Anyway, she asked how to improve her home WiFi, and by the end of the […]

  • Home Networking 3 – A review of the basics

    This writeup is inspired by the remote geek consulting I’m doing for my sweetie while she’s visiting Mom and trying to bring her Mom’s computing platform and infrastructure up to speed. Here I will review the basics of a good home network with some solid and useful upgrades for certain purposes.

  • Home Networking 2 – WiFi versus hard lines

    Here we discuss network design from the point of view of WiFi versus hard line links within the household.

  • Home Networking 1

    I recently upgraded my home network by buying, configuring and installing a hobbyists’ “performance” router, the Edge Router LITE from Ubiquiti. This after years of sticking with crappy consumer line Netgear products after getting royally screwed by Linksys (just as it was getting acquired by Cisco). This article is about acquiring, setting up and finally […]