Just a note: I’d like to thank the freeware program, Lyx, for helping create LaTeX markup for various mathy-sciency things I post about. Very helpful. You have to know what to include/not for Jetpack’s LaTeX interpreter, Beautiful Math (most especially the preamble that makes a Lyx document a document, and various carriage returns that tend to confuse Beautiful Math.

While I’m at it, I’d also like to thank Beautiful Math and the Jetpack team for the work there. I wish there were a better, more distributed way, to present the LaTeX than having a dedicated server actually create the formulas as a graphic element, but slick implementation anyway, unless it goes wrong, then it sucks, since apparently only one person at Jetpack actually understands how it works and what to kick when it isn’t working.

But whatever. That, it seems, is the nature of computing with startups these days. Standardization and reliability later! (I’m only half joking. I don’t like it, but I understand why it’s happening, and I can’t really do much to personally fix it other than kvetching.)

And also I should thank the team for doing good work and keeping on doing updates that go out to WordPress blog self-hosters like me.

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