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  • An attempted compendium or at least a start of a resource guide on Long COVID

    One of my extended adult chosen family has contracted COVID. He’s fit, healthy, but a Gen X old (approximately) like the rest of us. Perhaps too fit, because he hates hearing that as far as we know, Some of the best ways to avoid Long COVID are to take a 6 week break from any […]

  • More on that custom widget – more about data analytics and researching stuff

    Widget reading: Temp 76F AQ 28

    Let’s talk about lay research, one of the cornerstones of science, and reproducibility, another, and   doing one’s research and homework before putting something out in the world when developing even trivial things like iOS Shortcuts-driven Widgets.

  • Toxic Masculinity, the Real Scoop on What it’s Like to be a Man in it, and Related Thoughts

    Let me start by laying my cards out and saying why I’m writing this. I was assigned male at birth. I was raised a feminist boy in the late 60s, early 70s. I have a strong and assertive mother. I have a minor in Women’s Studies, I’m trans, and non binary (since I was 19). […]

  • Tools

    Just a note: I’d like to thank the freeware program, Lyx, for helping create LaTeX markup for various mathy-sciency things I post about. Very helpful. You have to know what to include/not for Jetpack’s LaTeX interpreter, Beautiful Math (most especially the preamble that makes a Lyx document a document, and various carriage returns that tend […]

  • Statistics – This could be you! – Bayesian Conditional Probability and Medical Tests

    As many of you know, I’m taking, for career change and self improvement, a certified curriculum offered by Columbia University and Microsoft and, on Data Science. With this, I hope to be able to change careers from Systems Engineering (which I love, but had become limiting) to a job in Data Analysis/Data Science, which […]

  • The notability of $latex (82,000)_{10}$

    The title is meant to read , but WordPress’s Jetpack Plugin’s Beautiful Math component doesn’t execute latex markup in the Title/Subject. I’m still keeping it in the subject, though. This post is about bases and numbers and elitism and of course, math and meta discussion. If you are interested, please read on!

  • Visual Rhetoric – Some feedback for MSNBC

    Over the years, MSNBC has been using and reusing a particular visual rhetorical style for presenting job growth numbers since Obama’s taken office. And it’s not bad for presenting good data consistently over time, for keeping the range of values within a reasonable scale. All good things, but what it lacks is punch.

  • Measuring and Calibration – Science Geek Series

    A lot of bakers and chefs and chemists will tell you that they’re in the same business. So, in a way, are bartenders and cheese makers and drug dealers and brewers and vintners. Because we all need to measure things a lot and we need both accuracy (the ability to measure amounts reliably) and precision (the […]