An attempted compendium or at least a start of a resource guide on Long COVID

One of my extended adult chosen family has contracted COVID. He’s fit, healthy, but a Gen X old (approximately) like the rest of us. Perhaps too fit, because he hates hearing that as far as we know, Some of the best ways to avoid Long COVID are to take a 6 week break from any strenuous activity after “recovering” from COVID. This is an attempt to summarize, organize, and make accessible, a roundup of the Twitter threads and journal-published papers, and newspaper coverage I’ve seen that are about our (humanity’s) attempts to understand the group of issues currently understood as “Long COVID”.

I am by no means a doctor, nor am I an epidemiologist, or any kind of medical specialist. I have a technical science degree, Mom was a nurse, Dad another scientist, and I am well-read – able to read and understand most medical journal published papers, especially statistics heavy ones, but also run of the mill papers, as long as I have a good medical dictionary handy. Recently, I got a stem cell transplant to treat leukemia, and am in remission. I hope I don’t have to tell you that being an active cancer patient, actively involved in your own treatment, means you have to pay a lot of attention, and learn medical concepts on the fly. There’s lots of room for good self-advocacy during cancer treatments.

I also follow an uncanny number of Health Care Workers on Twitter, so some of these links will just be Twitter threads by various medical professionals.

I’ll mark my own observations/notes in [] brackets.

Feel free to drop me a line with questions. Still looking for the older threads I read that talked about exercise, inflammation, and the possible worsening of Long COVID, which runs counter old medical lore about how good exercise always is to recover from colds and flus. It seems likely not the case with COVID. Epidemiologists and Pulmonologists seem to agree.

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